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Coltrane’s breakout year, when his mature sound first grabbed ears and his own recordings began to sell consistently, was 1958. This release chronicles the exciting story session by session, featuring all 37 tracks Coltrane recorded as a leader or co-leader for the independent Prestige Records label in those twelve months. This collection captures him in creative high gear—developing the signature improvisational style that journalist Ira Gitler famously dubbed “sheets of sound.”

The timely release marks the 70th year since the founding of Prestige and comes just after the 60th anniversary of these recordings.

Lush Life
Come Rain Or Come Shine
The Believer
Nakatini Serenade
Russian Lullaby
Theme For Ernie
You Say You Care
Good Bait
I Want To Talk About You
Why Was I Born
Freight Trane
I Never Knew
Big Paul
I See Your Face Before Me
Rise â??Nâ?? Shine
Little Melonae
If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You
By The Numbers
Black Pearls
Lover Come Back To Me
Sweet Sapphire Blues
Spring Is Here
I'm A Dreamer (Aren't We All)
Love Thy Neighbor
Don't Take Your Love From Me
My Ideal
I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)
Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?
Then I'll Be Tired Of You
Something I Dreamed Last Night
Goldsboro Express
Time After Time

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