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"Classically trained harpist Joanna Newsom uses her appreciation of Appalachian folk and bluegrass stylings for an oddly alluring set of indie rock melodies. Milk-Eyed Mender, which follows her homemade EP releases Walnut Whales and Yarn and Glue, is rich in harvest colors. Newsom’s childlike voice brings an unstudied grace to an innocent setting of songs, and such quirkiness is hard to find among most guitar-driven indie acts.

1. Bridges and Balloons
2. Sprout and the Bean
3. The Book of Right-On
4. Sadie
5. Inflammatory Writ
6. This Side of the Blue
7. "En Gallop"
8. Cassiopeia
9. Peach, Plum, Pear
10. Swansea
11. Three Little Babes
12. Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie

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feels like home

posted on 03/06/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Joshua
this album is nothing less then reminds me of home and how things should be in life, beautiful and differant.i would suggest this album to any one who has a soft spot for folk and somthing original.if you enjoy devendra banhart or coco rosie you should already know what im talking about, its just beautiful.


posted on 11/16/2007
5 Stars
Reviewer: kristen
This album is my little corner of peace and quiet.

an album that pulls you from under the morning!

posted on 05/31/2006
5 Stars
I saw Joanna Newsome a couple of years ago and was so moved by her. She is so small but has a very intriguing and expressive voice, coupled with her poetic observations on top of one of the most original (granted, its a harp) fingerpicking of anyone I have heard. A great buy. I didn't even listen to side B for months because side A was so beautiful!

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