Neil Young - Dead Man

 (Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture)


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Even within the unpredictable Neil Young discography, this qualifies as one of his most unpredictable efforts. This soundtrack to the Jim Jarmusch film Dead Man is entirely instrumental, with the exception of some poetry read by Johnny Depp (who stars in the film) and a bit of dialogue. What's more, these untitled instrumental passages are dominated by subterranean guitar rumbles that manage to sound both grungy and subdued. Young also takes care to vary his approach a bit, switching occaionally to pump organ, detuned piano, and acoustic guitar. The results not only evoke the hostile, desolate landscapes of the film's Old West, but work on their own terms as ambient mood music for the non-new age crowd, creating an atmosphere of restless disturbance with subtlety and grace. It's not necessarily for the typical Neil Young fan (whoever that might be), but it's certainly one of his most successful experimental efforts.

Guitar Solo, No. 1
The Round Stones Beneath the Earth
Guitar Solo, No. 2
Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself in Clouds
Organ Solo
Do You Know How to Use This Weapon?
Guitar Solo, No. 3
Nobody's Story
Guitar Solo, No. 4
Stupid White Men...
Guitar Solo, No. 5
Time for You to Leave, William Blake...
Guitar Solo, No. 6

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