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Double LP film soundtrack

Includes new liner notes by filmmaker Jim Jarmusch

First time reissued since its 1996 release!

The soundtrack to the 1995 Jim Jarmusch western-themed film of the same name starring Gary Farmer and Johnny Depp as William Blake. Accompanying the film is this album featuring instrumental music composed by Neil Young and performed entirely solo, mostly on electric guitar. The only vocal contribution is by Depp, whose reading of segments of William Blake's poetry is integral into Neil Young's music.

"The result is a haunting, sonic masterpiece that not only reflects the tone of the film, but interacts with and informs it. The music penetrates and engulfs, providing tension and immediacy, rumbling underneath the scenes like a dormant volcano preparing to erupt," writes reviewer Dead C for

One of the most influential artists of all time, Neil Young has set a standard of artistic integrity and iconoclastic creativity. Before starting his multi-platinum solo career, he was a founding member of the folk-rock band Buffalo Springfield and worked with the groups Crazy Horse and Crosby, Stills and Nash. The Canadian singer-songwriter was recognized by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 for his work as a solo artist and was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1982.


Side 1
Guitar Solo, No. 1
The Round Stones Beneath the Earth
Guitar Solo, No. 2
Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself in Clouds
Organ Solo

Side 2
Do You Know How to Use This Weapon?
Guitar Solo, No. 3
Nobody's Story

Side 3
Guitar Solo, No. 4
Stupid White Men...

Side 4
Guitar Solo, No. 5
Time for You to Leave, William Blake...
Guitar Solo, No. 6

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