The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow

The Shins - Chutes Too Narrow


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"The Shins’ sophomore album is a joy from start to finish, though it’s rather different from their 2001 leftfield pop genius stunner Oh, Inverted World. That album was like a warm embrace from a long-lost pal. True to its title, all of the songs were of a piece, seeming to inhabit one landscape, with an invitingly similar sound throughout. Chutes is more far-reaching and decidedly eclectic. Each song is essentially its own genre exercise. There’s singer-songwriter James Mercer’s surprisingly Perry Farrell-ish wail on the almost indie-metal opener, "Kissing the Lipless"; the lovely pedal steel lilt to "Gone For Good," the moody folktronica of "Those To Come" and the Cars-gone-rockabilly riffing on "Turn a Square." The strongest song, the acoustic "Young Pilgrims," is stripped-down and brilliant. On every tune, Mercer packs more hooks and melodic invention than most bands do on one album. As a whole, it’s an even better record than Inverted World. - Mike McGonigal,

1. Kissing the Lipless
2. Mine's Not a High Horse
3. So Says I
4. Young Pilgrims
5. Saint Simon
6. Fighting in a Sack
7. Pink Bullets
8. Turn a Square
9. Gone For Good
10. Those to Come

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Great Band

posted on 10/21/2010
5 Stars
The thing that I like most about the Shins, is that they don't try to do too much. Simple, pure, great melodies and also fine musicianship. For me they were addictive right away. I will recommend all of there albums. This record and every other that I have on the Sub-pop label are quiet vinyl pressings and very acceptable mastering. Especially for the price.

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