Fabio Biondi - Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagioni


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180 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
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180 Gram LP

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180-gram double LP - first time on vinyl!

From the original masters of Warner Music

Direct metal mastering by Hans-Jörg Mauksch at Pauler Acoustics

Virgin vinyl pressing by Pallas Group GmbH in Germany

Violinst Fabio Biondi is joined by ensemble Europa Galante for this fresh, uplifting recording of Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

"None begins to approach this new version in respect of fantasy and exuberance... (they) bring something entirely fresh and vital to oft-performed repertoire, illuminating well-trodden paths with affective articulation and eloquently voiced inflexions. Tempos are well chosen, by and large, and ensemble is clear-textured and evenly balanced. It's wonderful stuff, rejuvenating and, on many levels, immensely satisfying." — (about ‘L'estro armonico')

"Biondi has become one of the work (The Four Seasons)'s most radical interpreters, happy to indulge in all sorts of violinistic tricks and to go all out for pictorial impact — his storms really make the pulse race... ‘Winter' is bleak and frighteningly buffeting, in ‘Autumn' the hund canters in from afar... The results are thrilling, surprising and uplifting... make an exciting contribution to their filed. If it is hot and cold running excite-ment you want, look no further than this thrilling new arrival. (about ‘The Four Seasons')" — Gramophone

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Le Quattro Stagioni - The Four Seasons
Side A:
La Primavera
1. Allegro
2. Largo
3. Allegro
L' Estate
1. Allegro Non Molto
2. Adagio
3. Presto

Side B:
1. Allegro
2. Adagio-Presto
3. Allegro
1. Allegro Non Molto
2. Largo
3. Allegro

Side C:
La Tempesta Di Mare
1. Allegro
2. Largo
3. Presto

Side D:
L' Estra Armonico
Concerto No. 11 for 2 Violins, Cello & Strings
1. Allegro
2. Adagio E Spiccato
3. Allegro
4. Largo E Spiccato
5. Allegro
Concerto No. 8 for 2 Violins & Strings
1. Allegro
2. Larghetto E Spirito
3. Allegro
Concerto No. 10 for 4 Violins & Strings
1. Allegro
2. Largo E Spiccato
3. Allegro

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