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5LP box set encapsulates Cuban music history

Reissued together as a set in their entirety and original format here for the first time, the five volumes of Panart
Record's Cuban Jam Session albums were released throughout a span of almost a decade, from 1956-1964. Together, these albums encapsulate a stylistic and historic panorama of Cuban music, from big band son montunos to Afro-Cuban rumba, mambo, cha-cha-cha and country acoustic guajira music, at the same time that they attest to Cuba's long relationship with popular American music and jazz.

Cuban Jam Session
Under The direction Of Julio Gutiérrez
Volume 1
Side A:
1. Introduction
2. Theme On Perfida
3. Theme On Mambo
4. Cimarron
Side B:
1. Theme On Cha Cha Cha
2. Opus For Dancing
3. Theme For Conga

Cuban Jam Session
Under The Direction Of Julio Gutiérrez
Volume 2
Side A:
1. Jam Session (Descarga Caliente)
Side B:
1. Rumba Theme
2. Listen To The Rhythm Of The Cha Cha Cha
3. Bata Rhythm

Cuban Jam Session
Under The Direction Of Niño Rivera
Volume 3
Side A:
1. Montuno – Swing
2. Montuno Guajiro
Side B:
1. Cha Cha Cha Montuno - Niño Rivera
2. Guanguanco – Comparsa - Niño Rivera

Cuban Jam Session In Miniature
Cachao Y Su Ritmo Caliente
Side A:
1. Trombon Criollo
2. Controversia De Metales
3. Estudio En Trompeta
4. Guajeo De Saxos
5. Oye Mi Tres Montuno
6. Malanga Amarilla
Side B:
1. Cogele El Golpe
2. Pamparana
3. Descarga Cubana
4. Goza Mi Trompeta
5. A Gozar Timbero
6. Sorpresa De Flauta

Cuban Jam Session
Fajardo And His All-Stars
Volume 5
Side A:
1. Juaniquita
2. Pa' Coco Solo
3. Busco Una Chinita
4. Guajirando
Side B:
1. Goza El Montuno
2. Vamos A Gozar
3. La Flauta De Jose
4. La Charanga

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