Henryk Szeryng - Bach: 6 Sonatas And Partitas For Violin Solo


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180 Gram LP


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180-gram 3LP

Reissued to mark Henryk Szeryng's 100th birthday

Henryk Szeryng was one of the greatest violinists of the 20th century, fully equal — or superior — both technically and artistically to other more famous violinists. His performances of the Bach Sonatas and Partitas are particularly outstanding. One of the most acclaimed performances of the Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin.

1. Adagio
2. Fuga (Allegro)
3. Siciliana
4. Presto
5. Allemanda
6. Double
7. Corrente
8. Double
9. Sarabande
10. Double
11. Tempo di Borea
12. Double
13. Grave
14. Fuga
15. Andante
16. Allegro
17. Allemande
18. Corrente
19. Sarabande
20. Giga

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