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"Blessed and cursed with an enormous amount of hype from the British press, the Strokes prove to be one of the few groups deserving of their glowing reviews. Granted, their high-fashion appeal and faultless influences - Television, the Stooges, and especially Lou Reed and the Velvets - have ‘critics’ darlings’ written all over them. But like the similarly lauded Elastica and Supergrass before them, the Strokes don’t rehash the sounds that inspire them - they remake their own image." - All Music Guide

Side A
1. Is This It
2. The Modern Age
3. Soma
4. Barely Legal
5. Someday

Side B
1. Alone, Together
2. Last Nite
3. Hard to Explain
4. New York City Cops
5. Trying Your Luck
6. Take It or Leave It

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