Elvis Presley - His Hand In Mine

 (White & Silver Swirl Vinyl)


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AFRM 2328
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180 Gram Vinyl Record

180 Gram LP

Celebrating six decades of Elvis' country soul and gospel hits!

Limited edition gatefold 180-gram white and silver swirl vinyl

Plated and pressed at RTI!

Includes 24" x 24" striking poster insert

Mastered by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and Capitol Mastering

Includes "Crying In The Chapel," "I Believe In The Man In The Sky" and "Milky White Way"

As 1960 was coming to a close, Elvis returned to the studios of RCA Nashville and would go on to record his first smash gospel album His Hand In Mine. Ever proving that he was indeed on top of his game, the amazing album featured a dozen of his most soulful works ever captured on wax like the hit single "Crying In The Chapel" and more stellar fare such as "I Believe In The Man In The Sky," "Joshua Fit The Battle" and of course the definitive classic title track "His Hand In Mine." The LP soon went on to achieve gold and platinum status and became one of his most memorable titles in his huge arsenal of masterful albums.

Thanks to his great soulful country workouts on "Known Only To Him" and the wonderful "Milky White Way," this collection of Elvis Presley's gospel hits were just what the fans were yearning for, as the entire album was built around his love for gospel and old time religious church music.

Friday Music is proud to present this masterwork reissue in all its 1960 stereophonic glory. Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and manufactured for a very limited time at R.T.I. on translucent white and silver swirl vinyl, Elvis' His Hand In Mine includes a rare first time gatefold artwork presentation including the original 1960 artwork elements, plus a dynamic 24" x 24" poster of the front cover art, enhancing your Elvis Presley listening hours.



1. His Hand In Mine
2. I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs
3. In My Father’s House (Are Many Mansions)
4. Milky White Way
5. Known Only To Him
6. I Believe In The Man In The Sky
7. Joshua Fit The Battle
8. He Knows Just What I Need
9. Swing Down Sweet Chariot
10. Mansion Over The Hilltop
11. If We Never Meet Again
12. Working On The Building

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