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We would like to introduce you to what is possibly the most beautiful product for displaying your
record collections as art work on your walls. Twelve Inch Adapter makes it possible to wall mount your favourite albums without the cover. The Adapter offers a truly unique range of flexibility, never seen before in any other record display solution.

The Twelve Inch Adapter can be used to wall mount the actual vinyl itself without the cover. The only visible parts are the small tip that goes through the hole of the vinyl and our custom made screw that screws on to the tip. Together with the Twelve Inch Original you can combine and display your records in almost any combination; display the albums side by side or in a combo of the album jackets and their vinyl records, you can display the often forgotten inner sleeves, or you could open up the gatefolds to display the outside or inside. And that’s really what Twelve Inch is about; respecting the wonder that is album cover art, supporting the artist that put so many hours in to perfecting a record, celebrating the warm and personal medium that is vinyl and trying to give back something to the analogue music community.

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