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Hybrid Multichannel SACD


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While composing his first 23 piano sonatas, Beethoven gradually freed himself from all the conventional forms. The Sonata No. 5 still has perceptible traces of the influence of Haydn and Mozart, but the subjectivity and emotions of romantic piano already show through. Each of the three movements adopts the sonata form. The first theme of the Allegro consists of two contrasting motifs brought into confrontation all the way through the movement, while in the elegiac Adagio, the development is so minor it can scarcely be called such. The two rhythmical themes of the Finale merge into one before the subdued ending in C major.

Sonate No. 5
I. Allegro Molto E Con Brio
II. Adagio Molto
III. Finale (Prestissimo)

Sonate No. 17 'La Tempete'
I. LArgo, Allegro
II. Adagio
III. Allegretto

Sonate No. 23 'Appassionata'
I. Allegro Assai
II. Andante Con Moto
III. Allegro Ma Non Troppo

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