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45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition 3CD, DVD and Book box set!

Album remixed in 5.1 by Steven Wilson

Includes previously unheared material!

The original album is presented in the 1999 Bob Ludwig master, while the remainder of the audio has been mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios

The 1972 debut album by the glam/art rock band hit No. 10 on the U.K. charts! Roxy Music presents an expanded edition of their groundbreaking debut album to mark its 45th anniversary. The Super Deluxe Edition 3CD + DVD includes rare and previously unavailable material never-heard-before outside of Roxy's inner circle. The set starts with the demo tape that caught the attention of writer Richard Williams that ultimately led to their deal with EG Management and then Island Records.

Included are the John Peel BBC Sessions which saw the group honing their craft as they prepared to record their debut album. The second CD in the set captures something very special with unheard glimpses into Roxy's working methods in the studio. Alternate session versions are offered for every album track, plus their first single, "Virginia Plain."

Audio includes the original album, BBC Sessions and "In Concert" performance, 1971 demo tape and "In-Session" performances. DVD includes an unreleased performance from Paris Theatre (1972)., U.K. TV performances and 5.1 album mix. The package also includes a 136-page hard-cover book including unseen photographs and memorabilia.

The band's glamorous style was showcased in the lyrics and the 1950's style album cover. In 2003, Rolling Stone magazine picked the album as No. 62 in its list of the best debut albums of all time.

The set's DVD includes promos and BBC TV appearances, as well as rare footage of Roxy at the Bataclan Club in Paris in November 1972, the only surviving visual document of this line-up live on stage. To round off the audio/visual elements of the set, lifetime admirer Steven Wilson has mixed the album into 5.1 DTS 96/24 and Dolby AC3 Sound.

The box set also contains a 136-page book, featuring many rare and previously unpublished photographs and an essay by aforementioned Guardian journalist and author Richard Williams, the man who first wrote about the group in Melody Maker in 1971.



CD 1 - The Album:
1. Re-Make/Re-Model
2. Ladytron
3. If There is Something
4. Virginia Plain
5. 2 HB
6. The BOB (Medley)
7. Chance Meeting
8. Would You Believe?
9. Sea Breezes
10. Bitters End

CD 2 - Demos & Out-Takes:
Early Demos - May '71
1. Ladytron
2. 2 HB
3. Chance Meeting
4. The BOB (Medley)
Album Out-Takes (March 1972):
5. Instrumental
6. Re-Make/Re-Model
7. Ladytron
8. If There Is Something
9. 2 HB
10. The BOB (Medley)
11. Chance Meeting
12. Would You Believe?
13. Sea Breezes
14. Bitters End
15. Virginia Plain

CD 3 - The BBC Sessions:
The Peel Sessions January 4, 1972
1. If There Is Something
2. The BOB (Medley)
3. Would You Believe?
4. Sea Breezes
5. Re-Make/Re-Model
The Peel Sessions May 23, 1972
6. 2 HB
7. Ladytron
8. Chance Meeting
The Peel Sessions July 18, 1972
9. Virginia Plain
BBC In Concert August 3, 1972
10. The BOB (Medley)
11. Sea Breezes
12. Virginia Plain
13. Chance Meeting
14. Re-Make/Re-Model

1. Re-Make/Re-Model (The Royal College Of Art, June 6, 1972)
2. Ladytron (The Old Grey Whistle Test, June 20, 1972)
3. Virginia Plain (Top Of The Pops, August 24, 1972)
4. Re-Make/Re-Model (Full House, November 25, 1972)
5. Ladytron (Full House, November 25, 1972)
6. Would You Believe? (French TV, Bataclan, Paris, November 26, 1972)
7. If There Is Something (French TV, Bataclan, Paris, November 26, 1972)
8. Sea Breezes (French TV, Bataclan, Paris, November 26, 1972)
9. Virginia Plain (French TV, Bataclan, Paris, November 11, 1972)

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