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One of the most revered and respected pop groups of the 1980s, Eurythmics, with more than 20 international hits and 80 million albums sold, is in the spotlight once again, both for their nomination for the 2018 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the re-release of their eight studio albums on vinyl. Spanning their entire career, the albums will be released by RCA/Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment between April and October 2018, starting with In The Garden (1981), Sweet Dreams (1983) and Touch (1983) on April 13, 2018, followed by Be Yourself Tonight (1985), Revenge (1986) and Savage (1987) in July 2018 and We Too Are One (1989) and Peace (1999) in October 2018. This will be the first time that Peace will be available on vinyl, as the original release was only available in two formats: CD and cassette.

Touch, released in 1983, saw the Eurythmics become a truly global act. "With Sweet Dreams having soared to number three in the U.K. albums chart, the band were eager to keep their momentum going and released this, the follow-up, less than a year later. Very much a companion piece, Touch incorporated the sounds and themes that Stewart and Lennox had explored on their previous album (Regrets and Paint A Rumour, in particular, were stylistically akin to Sweet Dreams).

"The duo also began introducing influences they'd absorbed while touring the world — most notably from Africa, South East Asia and Spain. Indeed, the album's second single, the U.K. number 10 hit "Right By Your Side," featured a calypso backdrop that demonstrated Stewart and Lennox's willing to break down conventions (a notion that was backed up by Peter Ashworth's cover shot of a semi-naked Lennox wearing an eye mask).

The album's other two singles, "Who's That Girl?" and "Here Comes The Rain Again," reached U.K. No. 3 and No. 8 respectively, cementing Eurythmics' position as one of the nation's biggest acts. And a first Top 10 placing in the U.S. albums chart indicated that they were gaining attention across the pond, too." — Classic Pop Magazine


1. Here Comes The Rain Again
2. Regrets
3. Right By Your Side
4. Cool Blue
5. Who’s That Girl?
6. The First Cut
7. Aqua
8. No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts)
9. Paint A Rumour

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