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180 Gram Vinyl Record

180 Gram LP
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180-gram vinyl featuring unreleased live 1974 performance!

Mastered from the recently discovered original Three Blind Mice master tapes!

Mastering & cutting by Tohru Kotetsu at JVC Mastering Center, Japan

Beginning March 22, 1974, Three Blind Mice hosted a special "5 Days In Jazz" at Nihon Toshi Center Hall. The live jazz performances were spread across five days and all of them were recorded. The performance for "The Boss" by Seichi Nakamura Quintet +2 was recorded March 23, 1974.

During the New Year 2014 holiday, when Tee Fujii producer of TBM Records was tidying up the stock room, he found three analog tapes in a sealed box on the shelf. When he opened the box, he found the master tapes inside — 2-track 15"/sec original tapes for "The Boss" performance. The 1974 live performance had never been released. As you listen, the quality of their performance is extraordinary and unique.



Side A:
1. Old Folks
2. Toppu: A Gust

Side B:
1. The Boss

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