Judas Priest - British Steel

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The record that launched the huge metal smash "Breaking The Law," still the song you're most likely to be singing under your breath as the speedometer climbs.

"Predating Metallica's self-titled blockbuster by 11 years, Judas Priest's British Steel was a similarly pitched landmark boasting many of the same accomplishments. It streamlined and simplified the progressive intricacies of a band fresh off of revolutionizing the entire heavy metal genre; it brought an aggressive, underground metal subgenre crashing into the mainstream (in Priest's case, the NWOBHM; in Metallica's, thrash); and it greatly expanded the possibilities for heavy metal's commercial viability as a whole. Of course, British Steel was nowhere near the sales juggernaut that Metallica was, but in catapulting Judas Priest to the status of stadium headliners, it was the first salvo fired in heavy metal's ultimate takeover of the hard rock landscape during the 1980s." — AllMusic

Side 1
1. Breaking the Law Judas Priest 2:33 12/17/13
2. Rapid Fire Judas Priest 4:07 03/15/08
3. Metal Gods Judas Priest 3:58 03/15/08
4. Grinder (Album Version) Judas Priest 3:57 11/08/08
5. United

Side 2
1. Living After Midnight
2. You Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise
3. The Rage (Album Version)
4. Steeler (Album Version)

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