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Sixth album and Capps' first solo release in six years!

Grayson Capps' Scarlett Roses, is the acclaimed Alabama songwriter's sixth studio album and his first solo release in six years. Throughout the collection, Capps showcases the kind of understated brilliance that can blossom when creativity is detached from expectation, when songs are truly given the space and time to find their writer.

"A lot of these songs came to me the way dreams do, where all these different bits and pieces from all these different parts of life come together," he explains. "I would pick up the guitar and things would come to me naturally because I wasn't actually trying to make a record."

Capps wrote the album slowly and steadily after moving back to his home state with his partner, the Grammy Award-winning engineer/producer Trina Shoemaker. Recorded over the course of two whirlwind sessions, songs like "Taos," "Bag Of Weed" and "Thankful" don't shy away from tackling the heavy burdens of growing older: separation from loved ones, the weight of fatherhood, the mortality of our parents, self-medication. As serious as it may sound, Capps manages to write with an eye towards beauty and humor, extracting hard-won catharsis and even genuine joy from pain and loss.

"The songs on Scarlett Roses really chronicle me discovering my position in the world," says Capps. "It was a process that felt like gaining something and losing something at the same time."

American Songwriter magazine has declared of Capps' music, "Take the poetry of Texas troubadour Townes Van Zandt, combine with Steve Earle's edgy attitude and stir with a little cup of the bayou-blues (think Howlin' Wolf) and you start to get a taste of Capps's scrumptious gothic gumbo."

1. Scarlett Roses
2. Hold Me Darlin
3. Bag Of Weed
4. You Can’t Turn Around
5. Thankful
6. New Again
7. Hit Em Up Julie
8. Taos
9. Moving On

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