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Pushing digital limitations
To achieve ultimate sound reproduction, S-Master HX digitally amplifies the music signal without any resulting transmission loss. However, at the final stage of amplification, the physical limits of the semiconductor unavoidably cause distortion: there has to be a trade-off between the high power and high speed response. We have developed the D.A. Hybrid Amplifier Circuit to overcome these physical limits.

The signal response challenge
Unlike in-ear headphones, some high-impedance overhead headphones require a large amplitude signal. But the switching speed of MOS FET at the final stage of digital amplification is too slow to follow the ideal signal, shown in blue (1). The actual signal MOS FET can output - because of the restriction caused by the physical limit of the semiconductor - is shown in orange (2). For a non-feedback amplifier such as S-Master HX on the TA-ZH1ES, the difference between ideal and actual signal, shown in grey (3), means amplification error. Our D.A. Hybrid Amplifier Circuit’s feed forward system corrects this error, preserving the unique sound character of non-feedback S-Master HX.

Achieving the ideal wave form
The analog amplifier compares the true signal with the digital amplifier output signal, identifying the error caused by the slow MOS FET switching speed. Then it produces an error correction signal to restore the headphone output signal, preserving the purity of the original sound, and reproducing the signal with absolute precision.

Preserving the feeling
Capturing every note and nuance with DSEE HXTM

Experience your music as the artist intended, in near High-Resolution Audio quality. Our new DSEE HX™ upscaling technology features four additional modes to the standard: female vocal, male vocal, percussion and strings, for optimal sound reproduction.

Convert any source to DSD
Personalizing sound with the new DSD Remastering Engine

Offering double the conversion accuracy of previous models, the new DSD Remastering Engine let you convert all PCM music sources into DSD 11.2 MHz. The technology uses FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) to convert any signal into the DSD sound format.

Advanced FPGA processing
Uncompromised music reproduction

To maximize the potential of the new D.A. Hybrid Amplifier Circuit, our engineers developed the amplifier using an advanced FPGA processor. This let them fully customize the technology and develop something truly unique.

DC Phase Linearizer
Familiar analog-like sound

Our DC Phase Linearizer works to effectively replicate the phase character of a typical analog amplifier. It matches the phase characteristics of the analog amplifier to deliver a more analog-like sound.

Ideal sound isolation
The TA-ZH1ES features a rigid FBW Chassis, which has been designed to isolate the circuit board from vibration. By minimizing vibration and preventing lateral movement, noise is reduced for a cleaner, purer sound.


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