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"TFCF is undoubtedly a record for recalibrating Andrew's personal and sonic compass but, rather thrillingly, suggests that despite the realignment, great things lie in the future." — The Quietus

Liars make pitch-black art-rock that morphs and shifts from album to album, but always retains a core of bitter, urgent darkness.  This new 2017 album, their first in four years, was recorded completely solo by frontman Angus Andrew, in the bush north of Sydney. Includes "Cred Woes" ("Theme From Crying Fountain").



1. The Grand Delusional
2. Cliché Suite
3. Staring At Zero
4. No Help Pamphlet
5. Face to Face With My Face
6. Emblems of Another Story
7. No Tree No Branch
8. Cred Woes
9. Coins in My Caged Fist
10. Ripe Ripe Rot
11. Crying Fountain

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