Joseph Arthur - Redemption's Son


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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP

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The brilliant third album from American singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur

180-gram double LP

Limited time download includes unreleased tracks

Joseph Arthur's acclaimed third album for Real World is now offered for the first time in 180-gram vinyl LP format, marking the 15th anniversary of one of his most beloved recordings. Consistently inspired, occasionally frazzled, and often startlingly beautiful, its rich textures and acute, poetic lyrics are guaranteed to raise goose bumps. The accompanying digital download bonus, Morning Star, is a collection of nine previously unreleased songs from the era of the original Redemption's Son release.

Redemption's Son 15th Anniversary Edition contains the original album plus a second disc of nine bonus tracks, all of which have been previously unreleased.

The nine previously unreleased songs now form a "lost album" which Arthur has named Morning Star. "We decided to turn these tracks into their own album called Morning Star rather than a collection of this that and the other thing," Arthur remarked.

"It's a great feeling when the past burps up a gift. Things forgotten and submerged by the vortex of time which reveals its illusions thru a process such as this. First listens of old things are a lot like taking the wrapping paper off a gift. That excited smile comes over you (hopefully) and it's kinda wonderful. But soon you get transported back to the time these things were new and then they become fresh elements to work with. No more a gift but a responsibility. Like if you got a dog for Christmas. What they say about a work of art being never finished but abandoned is accurate. And I learned here that you can essentially un-abandon them. We took these old things and we set out to make something current."

1. Redemption's Son
2. Honey And The Moon
3. Dear Lord
4. I Would Rather Hide
5. Innocent World
6. September Baby
7. Nation Of Slaves
8. Evidence
9. Let's Embrace
10. Termite Song
11. Permission
12. Favorite Girl
13. You Are The Dark
14. In The Night
15. Blue Lips
16. You've Been Loved

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