Twelve Inch - Original Invisible Display Bracket for Vinyl Records

Twelve Inch



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Twelve Inch is the perfect companion to your records! It lets you display your beloved record collection in the most simple and beautiful way possible, while letting you change them in a flash. We based the design of the Twelve Inch around magnetism, thus creating a product that displays your record without using any visible frames or brackets. All you have to do is fix the black magnetic disc on the wall, and put the white Twelve Inch in to the record you would like to display. Now your album will appear to be floating off the wall. It's really simple and looks good!

*For Gatefold Albums
Twelve Inch can also be used for gatefold and standard double albums. However, you should always make sure that your heavier records, like deluxe or gatefold versions, are fastened securely, by aligning the white cardboard exactly so the metal part is up against the magnetic disc. Please be aware that some gatefold records might be too heavy for our product.
If this is the case, you can remove the vinyl inside and display the empty album. If the gatefold tends to open up, you can place the circular magnetic cardboard in the out sleeve, and it will close the double album cover when attached over the magnetic disc.

How To Install

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