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Grado - Sonata2 (4.0mv)




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Now shipping the Series "2" versions of the Wood Body Phono Cartridges:

  •  Redesigned wood chassis featuring increased & optimized mass distribution for improved audio stability and imaging
  •  New engineered coils
  •  New proprietary magnets


The new coils and magnets improve signal transfer of low level information which enhances realism of the music.

"Holy Crapolla!!!! This be some tune-playing machine. Great vinyl is absolutely stunning; so-so vinyl has become a bit less than so-so. This cartridge easily brings out the best and worst of anything that makes up the groove. Your recommendation was right on the mark! There is one drawback, however. I'm going to have to start all over from letter A in my collection (which is quite large) to hear the tunes again for the first time. When (or if) I'll be able to leave the house while doing this is causing me some concern. I should probably stock up on vitals first so that I can just get lost in the experience. Lots'a aural bliss ahead." - Wayne Mastel, Acoustic Sounds customer

A true upgrade over the Platinum2, its ability to resolve complex musical passages in a relaxed fashion and with more apparent detail will appeal to the discriminating listener. Available in .5mv (Statement) or 4.0mv (Reference) outputs.

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