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"Growing up in the Piedmont section of North Carolina almost everyone I knew had a piano in the living room. It was not only there for children to learn how to play the instrument but also for families to gather around and sing old gospel hymns. I think this new Jim Avett and Family album is a reflection of that. This collection of songs is a tip of the hat to a lost Southern art form." — Dolphus Ramseur, Ramseur Records

"Our dad often tells fans of The Avett Brothers that he is equally proud of our willingness to bale hay or feed the cows with him as he is of our career in music. It is a genuine affirmation, spoken often and with the storytelling flair of a learned yet grounded North Carolinian man of 70 (think Andy Griffith had he spent 35 years welding on Interstate bridges in the southern sun)," writes musician Seth Avett.

The father of the Avett Brothers clan, Jim Avett, is a natural-born storyteller — one whose dinnertime conversation runs to tales as varied as World War II submarine battles and Victorian-ear train conductors. Or the little known backstory about the real life of the DiCaprio-played character in the film "The Revenant."

"Our dad reads a lot, and his knowledge paired with a great wealth of life experience makes him a person that people like to listen to," Seth Avett says.

Jim Avett was raised by a soft-spoken Methodist minister and a dedicated mother with (very) above average skills when seated at the piano. Between their living influence, their parental love and care, and a glowing sense of community provided by a small town church, this record was an inevitability, Avett says.

The new album For His Children And Ours, and its collection of southern hymns, was an opportunity to add something more to their family photo album — a document so that Jim's grandchildren and their children to come, will have a connection to the sound the Avetts made with their father when they sang together in the living room.

"Maybe it sells a few copies, maybe it doesn't," Avett says. "But something else is possible here ... you have an opportunity (to preserve your own family memories, by modern video). ... It's a gift, a priceless treasure to loved ones you'll never meet, but love just the same."

1. Beulah Land
2. Where The Roses Never Fade
3. He Said, If You Love Me, Feed My Sheep
4. I Saw the Light
5. I’m Gonna Have a Little Talk
6. Hear am I, Lord, Send Me
7. Peace in the Valley
8. Jesus Lifted Me
9. Jim’s Gospel Song
10. Just a Closer Walk with Thee
11. Angel Band
12. Precious Lord

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