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180 Gram Vinyl Record

180 Gram LP  

A record by Elvis, produced in Tennessee. What’s so special about that? Surely everyone knows that the King sobbed his early songs into the local radio microphones. But From Elvis in Memphis is far more than just one of around 40 albums which he produced during the course of 35 years. “This marks what is probably the most impressive comeback in the entire history of pop music,” enthused the normally reticent New York Times.

What had happened? In 1969, after a 14-year meteoric career in show business and movies, and an exemplary PR campaign, Elvis returned to his hometown to record these songs which, in their style, are reminiscent of those recorded in the Fifties for Sun Records. Alongside the lavishly mixed pop and blues numbers (“Power Of My Love”) and country sound (“I’m Movin’ On”), there is also one of the greatest chart-busters and heart-breakers of a whole generation: “In The Ghetto.” There is certainly no room for discussion about the value of this collector’s item – the astronomical price for a good used copy speaks for itself.

Side One
1. Wearin' that Loved Look
2. Only the Strong Survive
3. I'll Hold You in My Heart
4. Long Black Limousine
5. It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'
6. I'm Movin On

Side Two
1. Power of My Love
2. Gentle on My Mind
3. After Loving You
4. True Love Travels on a Gravel Road
5. Any Day Now
6. In the Ghetto

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A Must for Fans and Newbies!

posted on 03/23/2007
5 Stars
Whether you're a long-time Elvis fan, or thinking about picking up your first album, this one comes highly recommended. The king sounds great here, and the quality of the recording and vinyl is first-rate. Loving it!

Hope Speakers gets a hit!

posted on 10/04/2004
5 Stars
I have owned several incarnations of this album: The original "Orange" Nipper, the "Black Nipper On The Side" but my by far fave version is the one that Mo-Fi did with Stan Ricker at the lacquer. This album holds a special place in the hearts of all Elvis fans because it was the FIRST one after the TV special and before he hit the concert trail hard for the remainder of his life. To really appreciate how good the vinyl is, listen to the 60's CD box. Yeah, the bass cooks there and the band soundslike it's coming on strong, BUT the vinyl really lets it all come out. I truly believe that if Elvis had dumped Col. Parker at this time, he would be alive now and still cutting great platters. Chips Moman really knew how to get every inch of his band on the tape and this album really proves it. The only way to improve on it? [Chad, get out your licensing machine!] Make a 45 RPM pressing out of it and single side it! Speakers Corner's version is hot, I'm sure, but for my money, Mo-Fi hit good!

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