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John Mayer’s creative songwriting and warm stage presence establish him as a formidable musical force and the smoky swagger of his voice at once evokes Sting, Dave Matthews and Jakob Dylan.

Side One
1. No Such Thing
2. Why Georgia
3. My Stupid Mouth
4. Your Body Is A Wonderland
5. Neon
6. City Love
7. 83

Side Two
1. 3x5
2. Love Song For No One
3. Back To You
4. Great Indoors
5. Not Myself
6. St. Patrick's Day

Customer Reviews (2.33 Stars) 3 person(s) rated this product.

John, Get Another Record Company

posted on 04/18/2007
3 Stars
The music on John Mayer's "Room For Squares" is hip enough. In fact some of his tunes are downright funky, and really stay in your head long after hearing them. "No Such Thing" in particular has that certain catchy harmony that'll hold your attention long after you've stopped spinning this disc.

And Mayer's certainly coming into his own as one of the better contemporary blues artists. The more you listen to his guitar playing, the more you realize just how talented and versatile an artist he is.

The only real caveat is the record company that he's signed with. I'm thinking ABC of the 1970's and the absolute rubbish that they tried to pass off on the American consumer. To put it succinctly, many of their artists were quite good, but the reproduction on their vinyl was abominable.

"Room For Squares" is not as bad as ABC's offerings of the '70's, however, it should be a lot better than it is.

John's music deserves a better label.

So much music so little time.


John Mayer is great, the actual record SUCKS

posted on 09/29/2006
2 Stars
Reviewer: Tom
I just love John Mayer. He is great in concert. I could listen to him play for days!!!

On the other hand the record I received from acoustic sounds absolutely sucked. What a piece of J U N K, what a waste of good black vinyl. First I pull it out to find the center sticker portion is all blistered with boubles all over the place, then I can not think of a good reason any new record would ever leave quality control with such crazy warpage. The inner jacket looked like it was stuff in by a blind drunken fool. This is beyond what I would expect from the dollar basket at Walmart! You folks realey need to take a look at what your putting out the door, I thik you would be shocked. ( or maybe not? )


posted on 03/14/2005
2 Stars
Reviewer: Lee
Dont get me wrong. I love John Mayers music. But as U had many live recordings downloaded via kazaa and whatnot, I found this recording over-produced and lacking of the soul that John so passionatly infuses in his live performances. I suppose I thought the studio sessions would be at least comparable, but alas, was let down.

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