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DSD (Double Rate) 5.6MHz/128fs Download

DSD (Double Rate) 5.6MHz/128fs Download

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In many ways, this album represents the debut recording of ACME, American Contemporary Music Ensemble. The collection of pieces here was chosen for very pure and simple reasons; each work is a piece we love and to which we feel quite intimately connected. The performance of this music is an expression of affection and closeness, not just to each other as performers, but also to the composer who wrote it. Three of the four composers featured are also performers in ACME. It is music that feels very close.

The privilege of performing this music for others has shaped each of us individually and as an ensemble, and these pieces occupy a good part of the music ACME has performed as concert music.

It was also chosen for this album, to exist on recorded media, because it is work that should exist in other scenarios beyond the concert experience: a long, slow walk; a frenetic commute; a late evening at home...

This curated selection of pieces comes from different but rhyming sonic worlds and is some of the music we have grown to love the most in this varied and fast-changing world.

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In manus tuas
Gustave Le Gray
Thrive on Routine: I. Morning
Thrive on Routine: II. Potatoes
Thrive on Routine: III. Passacaglia
Thrive on Routine: IV. Coda
In a Treeless Place, Only Snow

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