Boston - Boston

Total download size: 1.5 GB Total play length: 37:46
Cover art included, liner notes not included

DSD file created by Gus Skinas from the original Sony Super Audio CD cutting masters.

The number one best-selling debut album of all time! With over 17 million copies sold since its original release, Boston's first album helped define '70s rock, featuring the classics "More Than A Feeling," "Smokin'," "Peace Of Mind" and "Let Me Take You Home Tonight."

More Than a Feeling
Peace of Mind
Foreplay / Long Time
Rock & Roll Band
Hitch a Ride
Something About You
Let Me Take You Home Tonight

Customer Reviews (3.67 Stars) 3 person(s) rated this product.

Wanted more....

posted on 01/27/2019
3 Stars
Reviewer: Greg
I have the CD and thought the DSD would blow me away like SD Goucho (really incredible). Perhaps a guitar driven album will reduce the expectations. I had to really push my system to get the quality of Goucho. I share the aforementioned reviews. Still, the album will be on my short list.

1976 sounds wonderful again!

posted on 12/28/2017
4 Stars
Reviewer: JP
So pleased with this one, it's not mind-blowing but it's powerful and rich with plenty to appreciate. To me it's an honest and accurate recording as it should be. When you've heard these songs thousands of times and still find nuances or details that leave you smiling and feelin' satisfied, it's more than Too much? Ok. I'm happy to have this one in my library. (Dragonfly Red, Sony NW-ZX300 with Shure 846, UE Triple Fi 10 Pro and Super Fi 5 Pro and Grado PS500e used.)

Great music, and the mix is as it always was.

posted on 01/27/2017
4 Stars
I have heard gripes about the sound quality on this edition. After listening to it, I can only say: this is the master as it was back in the '70s... if you liked it then and don't now, it's probably because you now have a higher-end system. Suffice to remember that 8 out of 9 tracks on this album were actually recorded in Tom Scholz' basement, and were being transferred from 1/4-inch reel to 1/2-inch reel while the rest of the band was in the studio with producer John Boylan, recording "Let Me Take You Home Tonight" (and the sonics on that track are obviously different... hear for yourself). This is the album as I remember it, and I have a Sony Mastersound CD and LP, a Columbia House LP issue, and a couple of 8-tracks. I cannot claim to have heard the original US first press LP (the famed one), but as far as I'm concerned, this DSD maintains the same mix and sound while benefitting from the increased fidelity offered by DSD, which even 24/192 WAV can't match. Enjoy. I will.

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