Jean-Max Clement - Bach: Six Suites For Unaccompanied Cello

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180 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2

180 Gram LP

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Numbered, limited edition 180-gram vinyl direct metal mastered double LP!

Pressed at Pallas in Germany

Mastered from the original masters of Universal Music

Recorded in July of 1958 and originally released on the London label, cellist Jean-Max Clement performs six suites by Johann Sebastian Bach.

"He has an excellent sense of phrasing, and conveys all that one needs of the dance-like character in each movement. The solemn preludes, especially those of the C major and D minor Suites, come off beautifully, and there is plenty of contrast in timbre. Clément can develop a good, sonorous tone on his C and G strings... He certainly enjoys a far better recording acoustic than Cassadó. Jean-Max Clément is playing the arpeggio figures with clarity of technique, excellent tone, and harmonic intent." — The Grammophone Magazine

"The Jean-Max Clément cycle has much to commend it. He’s a communicative player, and whilst some of his tempi are generally on the slower side than we are used to today, the music-making has a spontaneity, leaving the favourable impression of music freshly composed and being created on the wing. He draws a big, rich, full-bodied sound from his instrument, and his varied vibrato endows his playing with a wealth of tonal shadings. He’s not averse to the use of portamenti to obtain a particular expressive effect. Nor is he afraid of applying some tasteful rubato to enhance the line. I love the way he captures the sombre introspection of Suite No. 5, gauging to perfection the ebb and flow of the melancholy Sarabande. To the faster dance movements there’s rhythmic vitality. This is certainly a premier league set, in admirable sound for its age." — Stephen Greenbank, Music Web International

• Audiophile analog direct metal mastering by Hans-Jorg Mauksch
• Cutting to copperplate at Pauler Acoustics
• Pressed at Pallas GmbH Germany
• Mastered from the original masters of Universal Music
• Individual LP protection double sleeve package + Obi
• Original gatefold replica cover
• Analogphonic release

Jean-Max Clement, cello

Side A:
Suite No. 1 in G Major
1. Prelude-Allemande-Courante-Sarabande- Menuets 1 and 2 -Gigue
Suite No. 2 in D minor (First Part)
2. Prelude-Allemande-Courante-Sarabande
Side B:
Suite No. 2 in D minor (Concluded)
3. Menuets 1 and 2 - Gigue
Suite No. 3 in C Major
4. Prelude-Allemande-Courante-Sarabande- Bourrées 1 and 2 - Gigue
Suite No. 4 in E flat Major (First Part)
5. Prelude-Allemande-Courante
Side C:
Suite No. 4 E flat Major (Concluded)
6. Sarabande - Bourrées 1 and 2-Gigue
Suite No. 5 in C minor (First Part)
7. Prelude-Allemande-Courante-Sarabande
Side D:
Suite No. 5 in C minor (Concluded)
8. Gavottes 1 and 2 -Gigue
Suite No. 6 in D Major
9. Prelude-Allemande-Courante-Sarabande - Gavottes 1 and 2-Gigue

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