Guy Clark - The Best Of The Dualtone Years





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180 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2

180 Gram LP

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180-gram double LP

Includes three unreleased writer demos

A double LP compilation on black vinyl celebrating the music made by the late legendary songwriter Guy Clark while signed to Dualtone. Includes several live cuts and three never-before-released demo tracks. Featuring photography by Tony Demin (cover photo) and Senor McGuire (all other images).


Side 1
01 Rain In Durango
02 Hemingway's Whiskey
03 My Favorite Picture Of You
04 The Cape (Live)
05 If I Needed You

Side 2
01 Maybe I Can Paint Over That
02 The Guitar
03 L.A. Freeway (Live)
04 Out In The Parkin' Lot

Side 3
01 The Randall Knife (Live)
02 Magdalene
03 Homegrown Tomatoes (Live)
04 Cornmeal Waltz
05 El Coyote

Side 4
01 Tornado Time In Texas
02 Dublin Blues (Live)
03 Just To Watch Maria Dance (Unreleased Writer Demo)
04 The Last Hobo (Unreleased Writer Demo)
05 Time (Unreleased Writer Demo)

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