The Monkees - Head Alternate

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180 Gram Vinyl Record

180 Gram LP

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180-gram translucent gold vinyl

Mastered from the Colgems Records tapes

Limited anniversary edition with gold foil cover front and back

1968 was a interesting year for The Monkees. Aside from releasing more hit singles and another smash LP with The Birds The Bees & The Monkees, future superstar and upcoming film maker Jack Nicholson, Bob Rafelson & The Monkees were developing the concept for a psychedelic film about this successful rock band who were trying to escape from their "manufactured image."

Albeit an underlying glimpse of reality, the movie wound up being a swan song for the original lineup of the band until 1996's "Justus." As the "Head" movie was underrated at the time, it has since gone on to become ranked as one of the finest films in the rock genre.

The original soundtrack of "Head" by The Monkees has a history itself as being one of their strongest albums with stellar material ranging from The Monkees' Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork, plus more great tracks from Harry Nilsson and Carole King with musical help from friends like Carole King, Stephen Stills and Dewey Martin from Buffalo Springfield.

Side One
1-Head Promo “Coming Soon”
2-Porpoise Song (Alternate Stereo Mix) (Theme From “Head”)
3-Ditty Diego – War Chant (Alternate Stereo Mix)
4-Circle Sky (Alternate Stereo Mix)
6-Can You Dig It (Peter’s Vocal-Stereo Rough Mix)

2-As We Go Along (Alternate Stereo Mix)
4-Daddy’s Song (Remix With Slow Verse)
6-Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again (Rough Mix Acetate)
7-Swami – Plus Strings (Alternate Stereo Mix)

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