Supertramp - Breakfast In America

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180 Gram Vinyl Record
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Numbered Limited Edition

Supertramp Breakfast in America on numbered, limited edition 180-gram LP

Mobile Fidelity reissue mastered from original master tapes and pressed at RTI!

Supertramp's Blockbuster Features Catchy Hooks, Rhapsodic Melodies, Symphonic Bluster, Meticulous Production: Breakfast in America Includes "The Logical Song," "Take the Long Way Home"

Mobile Fidelity's 180-gram vinyl LP highlights the album's famed dynamics, colors, tones, and instrumentation

Supertramp's Breakfast in America has it all: Illustrious artwork. Sing-a-long hooks. Contagious melodies. Symphonic bluster. Rhapsodic thrust. Signature Wurlitzer electric piano sounds. Two Grammy Awards, including one for Best Engineered Album. More than 20 million copies sold. Four Billboard hit singles that continue to dominate radio airplay today. Every aspect of the chart-topping art-rock set screams blockbuster, not the least of which is the production, the result of painstaking studio setups and months of mixing. Now, you can experience the sonic brilliance in unprecedented clarity on Mobile Fidelity's definitive-sounding reissue.

Mastered from the original master tapes and pressed at RTI, this numbered-edition 180-gram LP wrings out the record's dynamics, colors, and tones in all their full-range glory. Absent artificial ceilings, Breakfast in America unfolds with an expansiveness and radiance that parallels the vibrancy of its iconic New York-themed cover. Crucial traits such as imaging, separation, balance, transients, and openness achieve near-epic levels of realism and presence. Songs unfold and breathe on mammoth soundstages that put the effort's legendary production — and stellar playing — into proper perspective. The 1979 set has been reissued multiple times in the past, but it's never sounded so engaging, lifelike, or entertaining.

Indeed, aside from the undeniably catchy nature of the ten tracks, fun remains the most central element of Breakfast in America. The band even titled the record to fall in line with the overall joyful feeling of the material. About the latter: Few late 1970s rock albums feature a more cohesive, harmony-drenched parade of stunningly executed, wondrously arranged works. The collective offspring of members Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson, each tune reflects the creative pulses of each musician, with the resultant contrasts lending to their appeal. Davies' penchant for grittier, bluesy strands blends with Hodgson's witty, pop-leaning techniques. The combination proves unstoppable.

Home to a quartet of commercial staples — "The Logical Song," "Goodbye Stranger," "Take the Long Way Home," and the title track — Breakfast in America teems with arena-sized drama, meticulous craftsmanship, and mesmerizing refrains. Shrewd lyrical turns abound, whether on the phonetic, adjective-stacked "The Logical Song," life-in-America portrait "Child of Vision," or move-to-L.A. saga "Gone Hollywood." U.S. references also dot the smash title track, which reflects the glib humor, romantic fantasies, and pop culture permeating the record.



1. Gone Hollywood
2. The Logical Song
3. Goodbye Stranger
4. Breakfast in America
5. Oh Darling
6. Take the Long Way Home
7. Lord Is It Mine
8. Just Another Nervous Wreck
9. Casual Conversations
10. Child of Vision

Customer Reviews (2.00 Stars) 3 person(s) rated this product.

The worst MOFI Vinyl ever !!!

posted on 05/26/2019
1 Stars

C'mon MOFI!!

posted on 01/09/2019
2 Stars
I've been looking forward to this pressing ever since it was announced. I've never heard the original MFSL pressing, but this one is very disappointing!! I agree with the other reviewer's assessment of this sounding sharp and glaring. I do consider that reviews are subjective and everyone's ears and setup differ, but the opening track should not have me reaching for my remote, when set at a low to moderate volume, so I can quickly tone down the screechiness of what is usually an enjoyable experience - the awesome, opening track of this album. Some of the other tracks sound ok but not good enough to listen through the badly processed ones. I'll be reaching for my original pressing next time I want to listen and this one may just collect dust on the shelf.


posted on 12/18/2018
3 Stars
Reviewer: Spinnin
I found the sound to be dull at a lower volume and glaring at higher listening volumes. My wife made a comment about the sound being sharp as she passed by. I listened thru speakers and headphones and came away with the same conclusion. I have the Speakers Corner reissue of Crime of the Century which was described by a person of authority as epic thru my headphones. So much for the Grammy award for sound recording.

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