Derek & The Dominos - Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs

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180 Gram Vinyl Record
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Derek and the Dominos — Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs

A timeless batch of Fire-Pot Blues, poignant gospel, searing rock, and lustful emotion

Eric Clapton and Duane Allman in the same band for the only time!

180-gram double LP

1/4" / 15 ips analog master to DSD 256 to analog console to lathe

The reputation of Derek and the Dominos' Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, their lone record, precedes it. Eric Clapton performing in the studio with Duane Allman, Bobby Whitlock, Carl Radle, and more for the only time. A batch of fire-pot blues, poignant gospel, and searing rock — all birthed from the leader's insatiable lust for his friend George Harrison's wife.

Now, experience it all, and one of the most famous guitar solos and codas in history, in unsurpassed sound courtesy of this quintessential 2LP reissue.

Mastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelity's 180-gram version exposes the brilliance of Tom Dowd's original production and the scope of the virtuoso musicians' playing. You've never been closer to the aching vocals, stinging leads, tormented emotions, or wowing intensity that grace every track.

Clapton's tones emerge with unprecedented soulfulness. Afforded their own space in the mix, Allman's slide-guitar passages crackle with urgency. All-important sonic components such as soundstaging, imaging, and dynamics transport you to the actual event. This LP testifies on behalf of why fans deemed Clapton god.

Then, of course, there's the title track — crowned the 27th greatest song of all time by Rolling Stone. What to say about the outro — arguably the most famous, passionately penetrating, visceral, double-edged guitar solo in history. Clapton's strings weeping with longing, hope, regret, unrequited love. It deserves the best-possible sonic platform, and receives it here, on an audiophile disc that brings Slowhand's every finger moment into great relief.

Perhaps the paralyzing degree of potency on display here, and the musicianship that remains the standard by which any blues-rock is judged, is meant to be preserved as one standalone record. Whatever the case, this is the LP version to own.

1. I Looked Away
2. Bell Bottom Blues
3. Keep on Growing
4. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
5. I Am Yours
6. Anyday
7. Key to the Highway
8. Tell the Truth
9. Why Does Love Got to Be So Bad?
10. Have You Ever Loved a Woman?
11. Little Wing
12. It's Too Late
13. Layla
14. Thorn Tree in the Garden

Customer Reviews (4.50 Stars) 4 person(s) rated this product.

as good as it will ever get

posted on 10/28/2017
4 Stars
Reviewer: donnie
this album will never have fantastic sound, It was not engineered correctly, it was ran through the compressor for AM airplay back in the 70s. so I believe this is as good as it will ever get.

Great Music, Only Decent Sound

posted on 10/08/2017
4 Stars
Reviewer: AnalogJ
Certainly the music is classic here, with nary a wasted song in the bunch. It's a 2LP set actually worthy of 2LPs.

The issue here is the sonics. Having heard several different pressings of this record, this is a muddy recording to begin with, with little extended high end information. Some mastering engineers chose to punch up the top end by boosting the upper midrange, but it makes. instruments and particularly vocals sound less natural. Recording quality varies a bit from song to song as well.And there's little sense of air here.

On the other hand, as another reviewer here mentioned, this is by FAR the most focused this album has sounded. The midrange is rich and 3- D. There's greater low end presence and dynamics than with other pressings I have heard.. Some songs have more than others.

The greater dynamics of the MFSL and richer midrange are impressive. But some may prefer the added midrange boost of other pressings, even if instrumental tonality

Better than the Original, but...

posted on 08/31/2017
5 Stars
Reviewer: Steve W
I still have an original of this LP that I purchased when it was first released and let's face it; the original was poorly recorded. It sounded flat, muddy, with most of the sonics located in the mid-range and yet it was/is still one of my favorites. This new version is far better than the original. While not up to typical Mofi standards, the sound is now more focused and clear with the vocals and guitars better separated and more forward. This is probably the best this outstanding record will sound. The reason I still rate it a 5 is due to the songs. Eric was obsessed with Pattie Boyd at the time and most of these songs were written to and about her. Never has he put so much passion and emotion into his vocals and guitar work. The energy from Duane Allman and Bobby Whitlock is also off the charts. At times it sounds like Eric and Bobby are competing for lead vocal and Eric and Duane are trying to one up each other on guitar. A special recording - enjoy it.

4 Stars For Remaster - 5 For Pressing

posted on 08/17/2017
5 Stars
Reviewer: audiofan
I have only had the time to play this LP twice at time of writing, and the pressing is, not surprisingly (it's Mofi) flawless in every way. However, the sound is just a bit less impressive than I'd hoped. Mastered by Krieg Wunderlich, and "assisted by Rob LoVerde", it isn't bad, but it isn't, at least to my old ears, one of Mofi's best. Maybe I'll change my mind after a few more spins, and yes, I realize the recording is nearly 48 years old, but I was left wishing it had a little more balance - some voices/instruments seem to "jump out" more than seems natural, but perhaps that's the original mix. Alas, I no longer have an original copy to compare it to. If someone out there does, and purchases this as well, I'd love to hear what you think - I only have a SACD - hardly a fair comparison. Very good, but not stellar.

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