Various Artists - Moana

 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Deluxe Edition)


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FLAC 96kHz/24bit Download

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Tulou Tagaloa (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version)
An Innocent Warrior (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version)
Where You Are (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version)
How Far I'll Go (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version)
We Know The Way (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version)
How Far I'll Go (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version/Reprise)
You're Welcome (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version)
Shiny (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version)
Logo Te Pate (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version)
I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors) (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version)
Know Who You Are (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version)
We Know The Way (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version/Finale)
How Far I'll Go (From "Moana"/Alessia Cara Version)
You're Welcome (From "Moana"/Jordan Fisher/Lin-Manuel Miranda Version)
Prologue (From "Moana"/Score)
He Was You (From "Moana"/Score)
Village Crazy Lady (From "Moana"/Score)
Cavern (From "Moana"/Score)
The Ocean Chose You (From "Moana"/Score)
The Hook (From "Moana"/Score)
Tala's Deathbed (From "Moana"/Score)
Battle of Wills (From "Moana"/Score)
Kakamora (From "Moana"/Score)
Wayfinding (From "Moana"/Score)
Climbing (From "Moana"/Score)
Tamatoa's Lair (From "Moana"/Score)
Great Escape (From "Moana"/Score)
If I Were the Ocean (From "Moana"/Score)
Te Ka Attacks (From "Moana"/Score)
Maui Leaves (From "Moana"/Score)
Heartache (From "Moana"/Score)
Tala Returns (From "Moana"/Score)
Sails to Te Fiti (From "Moana"/Score)
Shiny Heart (From "Moana"/Score)
Te Fiti Restored (From "Moana"/Score)
Hand of a God (From "Moana"/Score)
Voyager Tagaloa (From "Moana"/Score)
Toe Feiloa'i (From "Moana"/Score)
Navigating Home (From "Moana"/Score)
The Return to Voyaging (From "Moana"/Score)
Unstoppable (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version/Outtake)
More (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version/Outtake)
More (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version/Reprise - Outtake)
Warrior Face (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version/Outtake)
Where You Are (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version/Demo)
You're Welcome (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version/Demo)
Shiny (From "Moana"/Soundtrack Version/Demo)
Prologue (From "Moana"/Score Demo)
Village Crazy Lady (From "Moana"/Score Demo)
Cavern (From "Moana"/Score Demo)
Kakamora (From "Moana"/Score Demo)
It's Called Wayfinding (From "Moana"/Score Demo)
Maui Leaves (From "Moana"/Score Demo)
Sails to Te Fiti (From "Moana"/Score Demo)
Maui Battles (From "Moana"/Score Demo)
Sea Monsters (From "Moana"/Score Demo)
Tala Returns (From "Moana"/Score Demo)
How Far I'll Go (From "Moana" / Instrumental)
You're Welcome (From "Moana" / Instrumental)

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