The Hold Steady - Boys And Girls In America

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Deluxe edition 2LP featuring four B-sides and six demos!

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Considered "America's Best Bar Band" by many, The Hold Steady is one of Vagrant Record's most legendary alumni.

Boys and Girls in America is the third full length offering from the NYC via Minneapolis acclaimed bar band and celebrated storytellers, The Hold Steady. Recorded in the summer of 2006 with John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Alice Cooper, Dinosaur Jr., Bob Dylan), the album is ripe with anthemic choruses, genre-defining and mind-blowing guitar solos, lyrical wit, and a masterful mix of keyboards, drums, and bass.

From evocative and heartfelt ballads to bombastic barroom rock anthems, Boys and Girls in America successfully captured the essence and dynamic off-the-cuff musical mastery that has become The Hold Steady signature.

Side 1
Stuck Between Stations
Chips Ahoy
Hot Soft Light
Same Kooks
First Night

Side 2
Party Pit
You Can Make Him Like You
Massive Nights
Chill out Tent
Southtown Girls

Side 3
Girls Like Status
Arms and Hearts
For Boston
Teenage Liberation
Citrus (Demo)

Side 4
Stuck Between Stations (Demo)
Chips Ahoy! (Demo)
Massive Nights (Demo)
Chillout Tent (Demo)
First Night (Demo)

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