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For the third edition of the Stockfisch Vinyl Vinyl Collection Stockfisch selected titles that fit soundwise particularly well on vinyl record: deep-sounding, smooth and transparent timbre characterize the 10 pieces on Vol.3.

Among them are "good old friends" such as Allan Taylor or Steve Strauss — but also Günter Pauler's new discoveries for Stockfisch such as Carrie Newcomer from Indiana, Kerstin Blodig from Norway or the Anglo-Irish band Ranagri.

Stockfisch is particularly proud and happy to welcome American singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer to the fold. Her rich velvety voice and heartfelt songs captivate audiences world-wide. The Norwegian singer/songwriter/guitarist Kerstin Blodig presents her debut-album on Stockfisch. The recordings took place in a clearing in one of Germany's largest forest areas — in Solling. The rich natural atmosphere - including birdsong & sounds from the vegetation — fits wonderfully to Kerstin's haunting Norwegian songs and soulful acoustic-guitar playing.

Four London musicians; one traditional Irish player, two classically trained, and one blues singer and guitarist, all with a passion for folk music. This quartet named Ranagri sound like a precious, unspoiled spot of beauty — the Irish village of Ranagri that gave the band its name.

Allan Taylor sings a very introspective song from his latest album All Is One. New York based Steve Strauss introduces his third album and the Stockfisch-Stars David Munyon and Paul O'Brien may not be missing with excerpts from their latest albums.


Side A:
1. Silvia's River (Paul O'Brien)
2. Sea of Dreams (Steve Strauss)
3. Haunted (Carrie Newcomer)
4. I'll Be Here For You (David Roth)
5. Nowhere Fast (The Greater Good)

Side B:
6. The Full Force Of the Wind (Carl & Parissa)
7. Strange World (Ranagri)
8. Song For Danko (David Munyon)
9. The Ferryman (Kerstin Blodig)
10. The Best I Can (Allan Taylor)

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