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DSD (Double Rate) 5.6MHz/128fs Download

DSD (Double Rate) 5.6MHz/128fs Download

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Larry Young was a pioneer and explorer who transcended genres and audiences, pushing the boundaries of the keyboard farther than any other jazz organist. Containing over 99 minutes of newly discovered recordings, this album represents Larry Young both as a leader and sideman and constitutes a snapshot of a pivotal moment in jazz in a particularly iconic place and time: Paris in the mid-’60s, which turned out to be a crucible for some of the most important figures in progressive jazz: Eric Dolphy, Woody Shaw and Larry Young.

We are fortunate to have here a document of Larry Young’s time in Paris which was recorded at the old ORTF studio before he returned to New York and recorded a flurry of important Blue Note albums through 1969. This album has 2 additional bonus tracks which were recorded live in Paris’ La Locomotive club.

 It’s been nearly 38 years since there has been a new release under his name. In the case of this album, it’s particularly exciting because none of this music has ever been heard before except on its performance in France five decades ago.

Thirty-eight is also, sadly, the short number of years Young was on this earth. This album is a tribute to his memory.

The most obvious difference between Larry and all of the organists who preceded him is his approach to harmony. He was the first modal player on the organ and he built his chords on fourths, rather in the manner of McCoy Tyner. Perhaps also, it was the way he played the draw bars or comped when he played with other musicians that contributed to his unique and recognizable sound and approach. And as you’ll note from reading Larry Young III’s and John Koenig’s essays in the PDF insert, it’s remarkable that Larry Young’s first piano teacher, Ms. Olga von Till, was a student of Béla Bartók in Hungary, which must have had an impact on his musical development from a very early age..

Trane of Thought
Talkin' About J.C.
Mean to Me
La valse grise
Luny Tune
Beyond All Limits
Black Nile

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