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In honor of what would have been Henri Dutilleux’s one-hundredth birthday, this commemorative box set is being released by The Seattle Symphony. This three-volume series is a critically acclaimed overview of all of Dutilleux’s major works for orchestra. This is an essential collector’s item for any lover of 20th century French music. The individual releases included in this box set have been nominated for a number of honors, included Grammy Award nominations for Best Orchestral Performance, Best Engineered Album, Classical, and received the Grammy Award for Best Classical Instrumental Solo by Augustin Hadelich.

Symphony No. 1: I. Passacaille: Andante
Symphony No. 1: II. Scherzo: Molto vivace
Symphony No. 1: III. Intermezzo: Lento
Symphony No. 1: IV. Finale, con variazioni: Largamente - Allegro - Scherzo - Lento
Cello Concerto Tout un monde lointain: I. Enigme
Cello Concerto Tout un monde lointain: II. Regard
Cello Concerto Tout un monde lointain: III. Houles
Cello Concerto Tout un monde lointain: IV. Miroirs
Cello Concerto Tout un monde lointain: V. Hymne
The Shadows of Time: I. Les Heures
The Shadows of Time: II. Ariel malefique
The Shadows of Time: III. Memoire des ombres
The Shadows of Time: Interlude
The Shadows of Time: IV. Vagues de lumiere
The Shadows of Time: V. Dominante bleue?
Métaboles: I. Incantatoire -
Métaboles: II. Lineaire -
Métaboles: III. Obsessionnel -
Métaboles: IV. Torpide -
Métaboles: V. Flamboyant
Violin Concerto L'arbre des songes: I. Librement - Interlude -
Violin Concerto L'arbre des songes: II. Vif - Interlude 2 -
Violin Concerto L'arbre des songes: III. Lent - Interlude 3 -
Violin Concerto L'arbre des songes: IV. Large et anime
Symphony No. 2 Le double: I. Animato, ma misterioso
Symphony No. 2 Le double: II. Andantino sostenuto
Symphony No. 2 Le double: III. Allegro fuocoso - Calmato
Nocturne for Violin & Orchestra Sur le même accord
Les citations: I. For Aldeburgh 85
Les citations: II. From Janequin to Jehan Alain
Mystère de l’instant
Timbres, espace, mouvement La nuit étoilée: I. Nebuleuse
Timbres, espace, mouvement La nuit étoilée: II. Interlude
Timbres, espace, mouvement La nuit étoilée: III. Constellations

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1. Brahms: Symphony No. 1 - Segerstam: Symphony No. 288, 'Letting the FLOW go on…'
Leif Segerstam & Turku Philharmonic Orchestra
2. Dvorák: Symphony No. 9 'New World' - Varèse: Amériques (Live)
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
3. Mahler: Symphony No. 10 in F-Sharp Minor (Completed D. Cooke, 1976) [Live]
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
4. Raskatov: Piano Concerto 'Night Butterflies' - Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring (Live)
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
5. Ravel: Orchestral Works - Saint-Saëns: Organ Symphony
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
6. Nocturne for Violin & Orchestra 'Sur le meme accord'
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
7. Ives: New England Holidays & Orchestral Sets Nos. 1 & 2
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
8. Stravinsky: The Firbird - Vladimir Nikolaev: The Sinewaveland (Live)
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
9. Live 'n Bernin' (Live)
The BBB featuring Bernie Dresel
10. Faure: Masques et bergamasques & Pelléas et Mélisande
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
11. Dutilleux: Orchestral Works
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
12. Ives: Symphony No. 2 - Carter: Instances - Gershwin: An American in Paris
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
13. Ives: Symphonies Nos. 3 & 4, The Unanswered Question & Central Park in the Dark
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
14. Stravinsky: Petrushka - Debussy: La boîte à joujoux, L. 128
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
15. Dutilleux: Métaboles, L'arbre des songes & Symphony No. 2 'Le double'
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
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