XTC - Skylarking

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Vinyl Record & CD

No. of Discs: 3
Note: 45 RPM 200 Gram

XTC — Skylarking (200-gram 2LP + CD + Booklet)

A new cut from the corrected polarity master!

Album CD included, mastered from the same original source

16-page book of sleeve notes, artwork and photos by the band, plus lyric booklet

A definitive edition of one of pop's finest albums, produced by one of pop's best producers and performed by one of pop's greatest groups at their most popular.

"Corrected polarity" refers to a sound fault that altered the sound in a negative way that was not intended. It was not caught before the album was originally released in 1986. Andy Partridge — never entirely happy with the overall sound of the finished album — took it to award-winning mastering engineer John Dent, who noticed something that had never previously been spotted.

Somewhere, possibly in the transfer from the multi-channel tape to the stereo master, a polarity had been reversed. This is not the same thing as a reversed left/right channel which puts a stereo picture out of phase and makes the sound unlistenable, but a much more difficult to pin down event that can be triggered by something as simple as a badly wired plug in the overall system which, nonetheless, removes some of the punch and presence from a finished recording.

While looking for the (still 'lost in the archives') multi-track tapes to enable Steven Wilson to undertake new stereo and 5.1 surround mixes of the album, the original half-inch master tapes were discovered and used as the source from which engineer John Dent has prepared this 2016 deluxe vinyl edition.

* 2 x 33 1/3 RPM, 200-gram heavyweight vinyl
* 12" 16 page booklet with song notes by band members
* Lyric sheet
* 2016 cut from the corrected polarity master
* CD mastered from the same corrected source
*Both album sleeves — sleeve as released and the original proposed design
* All contents packaged in a sturdy slipcase

Side 1
Summer’s Cauldron
The Meeting Place
That’s Really Super Supergirl

Side 2
Ballet For A Rainy Day
1000 Umbrellas
Season Cycle

Side 3
Earn Enough For Us
Big Day
Another Satellite
Mermaid Smiled

Side 4
The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
Dear God
Sacrificial Bonfire

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