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After releasing their ninth studio album earlier this year, Radiohead are set to reappear on shelves this autumn with re-releases of two beloved albums.

Originally issued on double 10″ vinyl via Parlaphone in 2000 and 2001 respectively, Kid A and Amnesiac will now be available as gatefold double LPs. Both are being handled by XL, who also released 2007's In Rainbows and this year's A Moon Shaped Pool.

Radiohead's ambitious 2000 release of Kid A delves deeply into full-on electronica. Intricately layered with dense mixes of analog synth; this album rewards listeners with multiple spins.

"Kid A remains the defining moment in the Radiohead legend, and the pinnacle of their trying-too-hard genius. It looms over everything else they've done before or since. 'Idioteque,' 'How to Disappear Completely,' 'The National Anthem,' 'Motion Picture Soundtrack' - these are the songs that set the context for Radiohead's other music, even (especially?) the songs they'd already written in the Nineties. It's safe to say that OK Computer and The Bends, great as they are, remain so famous today chiefly because they were made by the guys who went on to make Kid A." - Rolling Stone, October 2015



Side 1
Everything In Its Right Place
Kid A

Side 2
The National Anthem
How To Disappear Completely

Side 3
In Limbo

Side 4
Morning Bell
Motion Picture Soundtrack

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