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Rachael Yamagata - Tightrope Walker


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Aclaimed singer, songwriter and musican Rachael Yamagata returns with her fourth album Tightrope Walker, led by the single "Nobody."

Tightrope Walker — Yamagata's first album since 2011's Chesapeake, represents an artistic rebirth both lyrically and sonically for the Woodstock, NY-based artist.

"When [French high-wire artist] Philippe Petit was asked why he walked the tightrope he responded, ‘Why - there is no why.' This really f-d me up," Yamagata says. "I was devoting an entire theme of the tightrope walker to my new record: defending the weary spirit and empowering the underdog while using the high wire artist as a symbol of how to get through, but it hadn't yet occurred to me to contemplate the why of getting through or the why of even my own art."

The album began when Yamagata had what she describes as a "mystical vision" at home in Woodstock. "I'm not religious, but I am spiritual and I love the signs," she says. "Did I ‘see' a sweat lodge where strangers experienced a cathartic healing after facing their own traumas? Yes I did. They weren't pains devoted solely to heartbreak in relationships, but also to the desperation of a youth getting pummeled by loss of a loved one, failure of a dream, betrayal by those you thought were your allies — human condition struggles. I started to write and ‘Tightrope Walker' was born."


1. Tightrope Walker
2. Nobody
3. EZ Target
4. Over
5. Let Me Be Your Girl
6. Break Apart
7. I’m Going Back
8. Rainsong
9. Black Sheep
10. Money Fame Thunder

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