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2016 vinyl reissue

Afterglow is a Crowded House compilation album, released in 1999, that includes a selection of rarities and outtakes. The album tracks were recorded between 1985 and 1994. Like any band, Crowded House had some unfinished business after their split. Namely, they had a number of very good songs that never appeared on an official album, writes AllMusic.

These weren't rejects, per se — they were tunes that didn't have a home, so they popped up on B-sides, soundtracks and live shows, where Crowded House regularly aired unreleased and rare songs. These often became fan favorites yet they weren't readily available until the appearance of the rarities, B-sides, and "orphans" collection, Afterglow.

Not every non-LP song made the cut, but everything here is quite strong and the album gels very well, sounding a bit like a lost album, even if the tracks were recorded between 1985 and 1994. Is it an essential collection? Well, for hardcore fans — the kind that know that with the existence of Afterglow they can now piece together the running order of the original Woodface — it certainly is. But it's not just for them, since casual fans will find several gems here. Perhaps Paul Hester's endearingly silly "My Telly's Gone Bung" will rub them the wrong way, but such gems as the pre-Crowded House tune "Recurring Dream" and the gorgeous "I Love You Dawn" rank among the group's finest,

1. I Am In Love
2. Sacred Cow
3. You Can Touch
4. Help Is Coming
5. I Love You Dawn
6. Dr Livingstone
7. My Telly's Gone Bung
8. Private Universe
9. Lester
10. Anyone Can Tell
11. Recurring Dream
12. Left Hand
13. Time Immemorial
14. Neil Finn Interview

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