Yes - The Yes Album

Yes, formed in 1968, has been the dominant force in progressive rock for over three decades and has created some of rock's most enduring and compelling hits. To date, they've sold over 30 million albums worldwide. This record marked Steve Howe's debut and includes the "Starship Trooper" and "I've Seen All Good People"/"Your Move..." suites, along with other anchors of the Yes live show. Remastered, pressed on premium 180-gram heavy vinyl and packaged in the original gatefold jacket.

Side 1
1. Yours Is No Disgrace
2. Clap
3. Starship Trooper
a. Life Seeker
b. Disillusion
c. Wurm

Side 2
1. I've Seen All Good People: Your Move, All Good People
a. Your Move
b. All Good People
2. A Venture
3. Perpetual Change

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posted on 05/21/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: JD - Louisiana
Not sure what type of system a previous reviewer is using, but on mine Chris Squire's bass doesn't sound "mushy" at all! As bass players go, Squire tends to bring his sound to the forefront of the arrangement and often steps out of the role of rhythm-maker to help carry the melody. On my system (Project Expression III, Sumiko EVO III cartridge, Marantz PM8004 amp, Quad 22L towers), this pressing delivers!

Poor sound

posted on 10/03/2013
2 Stars
Reviewer: Jeff C - Australia
2 stars for sound, 5 stars for music. I have to agree with Michael Fremer’s review on AnalogPlanet and I quote… “Don’t bother unless you absolutely cannot find an original. Bass is mushy, transients are soft, detail is lacking and dynamics are squashed. If you bought it and think is sounds pretty good, you are right. It does: until you hear how much better it can sound.” I am a vinyl convert, but I have to say that I prefer the Mobile Fidelity gold CD to this version. Even my beat up old crackly original LP has more punch than this remaster. Well at least I now have a shiny new LP jacket that looks nice on the wall.

great re-issue but...

posted on 11/23/2011
4 Stars
Reviewer: Celt
My pressing was warped and had several (non-audible) scuff marks. But even at that, it sounds great and is better than the original Atlantic release. Shame that "Fragile" wasn't recorded with the same care and dynamics as "The Yes Album".


posted on 09/02/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Gary Brewer
One of my favorite albums of all time. World class musicians at their best. I smiled for the duration of the playback. Totally unique, nothing out there comes even close. A masterpiece. A level of genius at each and every instrument and vocal.

A Must-Have Classic for Yes Fans

posted on 11/25/2009
5 Stars
Reviewer: MTC
This is a phenomenal record and the pressing is exceptionally good; I'm quite pleased, particularly to given the amazingly low price.

Great album, great sound

posted on 09/06/2008
5 Stars

Phenomenal Mastering of a Great Album

posted on 06/02/2007
5 Stars
Reviewer: Michael
The best version yet - by far - of this seminal classic. The mastering team must have put in many hours of overtime getting this one sooo right! Eerily quiet backgrounds, stunning bass, and a presence to the vocals that I always knew were there somewhere...and here they are! This one delivers in spades! I have the 24k CD version, and probably won't listen to it on my home system anytime soon. Well done!

The first YES album I heard & it blew me away

posted on 04/06/2007
5 Stars
It's the musicianship combined w/ Jon Anderson's voice. I have never heard a band of such competence and diversity, i.e., rock, jazz, classical, a touch of country and blues every now and again, and the overall orchestral sound. I think this is a band people either get or don't. And what one should realize is the number of musicians they have had over the years and the fact that their product, for the most part, touches realms that no other band or bands have been able to grasp. They, for the most part, have encompassed or were close to genius. There are more changes in one of their songs than most bands put into an album. I got them in the early 70's and I relish them now. S.

Need better QC

posted on 12/12/2006
3 Stars
Record was a bit warped, and had numerous surface marks/scratches on it. Played OK, but would expect a bit better quality here.

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