The Allman Brothers Band - Live At The Fillmore East





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180 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2

180 Gram LP

180-gram gatefold double LP reissue

Remastered from the original analog tape to 192kHz/24-bit

Direct Metal Mastering by Abbey Road Studios

Faithfully reproduced original jacket artwork

Nine Allman Brothers Band albums have been remastered and will be released by Mercury/Universal Music Enterprises in July 2016 as part of a reissued collection.

The collection includes an expanded 2LP edition of The Allman Brothers Band; Idlewild South; 2LP copies of At Fillmore East and Eat a Peach; Brothers and Sisters; Win, Lose or Draw; the 2LP Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil, Dollar Gas; Enlightened Rogues; and the 3LP Live at Ludlow Garage: 1970.

The records were remastered from the original analog tapes by Kevin Reeves to 192kHz/24-bit and cut by Abbey Road Studios onto copper plates using their Direct Metal Mastering lathe for superior fidelity. The 180-gram vinyl LPs include exact replication of each album's original artwork.

On the same release date, high definition digital audio (192kHz/24-bit and 96kHz/24-bit) downloads will be available for all of the albums.

Since its opening chord, rock 'n' roll has been about playing live, and no group did it better, and with more passion and improvisational skill than the original Allman Brothers Band. Nothing is truer than when the band achieved its artistic and commercial breakthrough in 1971 with the release of At Fillmore East, featuring extended renderings of their songs "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" and "Whipping Post." It is often considered one of the best live albums ever made.

Side 1
Statesboro Blues
Done Somebody Wrong
Stormy Monday

Side 2
You Don't Love Me

Side 3
Hot 'Lanta
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed

Side 4
Whipping Post

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Very good sound

posted on 12/20/2016
4 Stars
Reviewer: Brian
The 4-star review has nothing to do with the greatness of the album, which is incontrovertible. It's the sound quality that gets 4 stars out of 5.

The sound is usually very smooth, but it could be a little more dynamic. Sometimes there is a ragged halo around guitars. It's as is the recording tape had been oversaturated, but just by the smallest of margins. This only happens on the highest notes. Other than that, everything sounds wonderful.

It should be noted that the audience can be loud, but they only make noise at the beginnings and endings of songs. When the Allmans go off on their very longs solos, the crowd is quiet. I suspect that we, as listeners, would behave precisely the same way as we witness rock history being made.

This is one of those albums where I wish I could give a 4.5 star rating. The sound is pretty remarkable, but there are slight limitations.

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