John Barry - Goldfinger

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The third film in the James Bond series was the one that transformed 007 into a pop-cultural phenomenon (and turned Sean Connery into a star). It also set the tone for every Bond soundtrack to follow, featuring a huge title pop hit (which introduced the extraordinary Shirley Bassey-- long a superstar in England--to American audiences) and, of course, John Barry's loud, brassy instrumentals, some close enough to pass for rock 'n' roll. The wonderful "James Bond Theme" had been used in the first two flicks, but never this predominantly. Barry genuinely builds suspense, tension, and mystery within his sounds--and, along with McCartney's "Live and Let Die," the title song remains the best (and definitely the most haunting) of all the Bond-based title tunes. (You were going to suggest "A View to a Kill," perhaps?) In fact, after reaching No. 1 on the LP charts for three weeks in 1965, this went on to have such a pop-cultural effect that the Beatles would borrow the "James Bond Theme" for the intro to their own "Help," while years later, the postpunk band Magazine would score a huge British hit with a cool cover of "Goldfinger." Simply the best Bond all the way around. --Bill Holdship

Goldfinger / Into Miami
Alpine Drive - Auric's Factory
Oddjob's Pressing Engagement
Bond Back In Action Again
Teasing The Korean
Gassing The Gangsters
Dawn Raid On Fort Knox
The Arrival Of The Bomb And Count Down
The Death Of Goldfinger - End Titles

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