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1999 pressing sealed Canada Collection

Lendary Hall of Famers Heart mark 40th Anniversary of debut album!

180-gram gatefold jacket w/ lyrics

"Not every musician gets to feel what it's like to climb onstage, open up, let your soul ring out like clear bells, send out your heart like a javelin, out to feel that love returned to you like a wild fire burning you all the way down, down, down to the ground. But I got a chance to sing, to find my voice onstage, and I took it, and I still take it every night, in front of every audience. I never take it for granted...." - Ann Wilson

"For us music is the real church. It's a life calling. It's bigger than men and women put together. Music makes us all equal and perfectly human. Lost angels maybe - but lifted up by the absolute million soul thrills of music. But we're not finished rocking just yet. We are looking straight into the face of the future and we say - TURN IT UP!" - Nancy Wilson

An often-told true story of triumph against all odds in classic rock history, this year marks a remarkable four decades since the U.S. release of Heart's groundbreaking debut album, Dreamboat Annie, which contained such indelible songs as "Magic Man," Crazy On You," "White Lightning and Wine" and its ethereal title track. The album, which originally came out on the indie Vancouver-based label Mushroom Records in August 1975, became the springboard to the group's legendary Hall of Fame career.

Universal Music Enterprises is now celebrating that milestone by reissuing Dreamboat Annie on 180-gram heavyweight black vinyl in an old-school gatefold sleeve, including lyrics, June 17.

This Seattle band, led by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, has been a staple on FM rock-radio ever since their first hit in 1976, "Crazy on You." It was lead singer Ann Wilson's powerful voice that gave the band an immediate appeal. Heart synthesized Led Zeppelin-style riff-heavy rock and shades of folk. This striking first album was one of the top-selling debuts ever.


1. Magic Man
2. Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child)
3. Crazy On You
4. Soul Of The Sea
5. Dreamboat Annie
6. White Lightning & Wine
7. Love Me Like Music (I'll Be Your Song)
8. Sing Child
9. How Deep It Goes
10. Dreamboat Annie (Reprise)

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Roll The Dice...

posted on 06/30/2016
4 Stars
Reviewer: audiofan
The re-master here is superb (probably closer to "5-star" territory), but the reason I gave it 4 is because of a issue with the second track on side one (Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child). A friend purchased a copy at a local record shop, and there is a audible defect on this track which repeats at the same place on the LP within the first 4-5 revolutions before dying out. This is not a tick or popping sound, but is more like a "heartbeat/thump" -somewhat difficult to describe. My copy has the same defect - in the exact same place. There is also a minor tick or two during the first several seconds of this same track on BOTH discs...hence a pressing defect. Unfortunately, this is one of the quietest tracks on the album as well, so it's a bit annoying. However, the rest of the album is virtually flawless on both copies and sounds superb. So, roll the dice - you may get a better pressing.

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