The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs






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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP

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180-gram gatefold double LP

24 tracks including "Is It Really So Strange," "London" and "Half A Person"

Digitally remastered edition of this 1987 compilation from the legendary British quartet. One can only imagine how infuriated Smiths fans in the States were when they bought their expensive import copy of The World Won't Listen at the end of February 1987, only for an approximate American equivalent to emerge only just over a month later. (It hit record store shelves on March 30.)

Mind you, the track listing wasn't exactly identical, but there was certainly plenty of duplication to be had, which would rankle any fan. That said, it's pretty easy to argue that Louder Than Bombs is the superior compilation, given that it features such classic tracks as "Sheila Take a Bow," "Shoplifters of the World Unite," "Panic," "Ask," and many, many more. Heaven knows you won't be miserable about the contents if you're a Smiths fan.

Side 1
Is It Really So Strange?
Sheila Take A Bow
Shoplifters Of The World Unite
Sweet And Tender Hooligan
Half A Person

Side 2
Girl Afraid
Shakespeare's Sister
William, It Was Really Nothing
You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

Side 3
Golden Lights
Oscillate Wildly
These Things Take Time
Rubber Ring
Back To The Old House

Side 4
Hand In Glove
Stretch Out And Wait
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
This Night Has Opened My Eyes

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