Bryan Ferry - The Ultimate Collection

 (Featuring Roxy Music)


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Featuring Roxy Music

The Ultimate Collection is a compilation album by Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music, first released in 1988. Unlike the 1986 compilation album Street Life, which was predominantly Roxy Music material, The Ultimate Collection focuses more on Ferry's solo career.

Included are the previously unreleased track "He'll Have to Go", which was released as a single by Ferry in 1989, and the track "Help Me" which had only been released as a single in the USA in 1986.

1. Let's Stick Together ('88 Remix) - Bryan Ferry
2. The 'In' Crowd - Bryan Ferry
3. Dance Away - Roxy Music
4. Angel Eyes - Roxy Music
5. He'll Have To Go - Bryan Ferry
6. Tokyo Joe - Bryan Ferry
7. All I Want Is You - Roxy Music
8. Jealous Guy - Roxy Music
9. The Price Of Love - Bryan Ferry
10. Don't Stop The Dance - Bryan Ferry
11. Love Is The Drug - Roxy Music
12. This Is Tomorrow - Bryan Ferry
13. Slave To Love - Bryan Ferry
14. Help Me - Bryan Ferry
15. Avalon - Roxy Music

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What a shame

posted on 09/12/2016
2 Stars
Reviewer: Steve B
I was very pumped when I saw this coming out. I love Ferry and Roxy and have a number of SACD's for both. I thought this would be a favourite but unfortunately no. The sound on this very's a lot. Tracks like Dance away sound good but Tokyo Joe actually has distortion on it. Then some other tracks thin out all together. I know these songs have been collected from different sources (albums) so there would be some difference but this is too much! I listened to it the day I received and just put it on again this weekend and I turned it off 4 tracks in. What a drag

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