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Questyle Audio - CMA600i Headphone Amplifier DAC

 (Space Gray Finish)

Questyle Audio



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Headphone Amplifier


An All-in-One gear combine sound quality and fine art

DAC with Headphone Amplifier

"Current Mode Amplification" Headpone Amp

CMA600i inherits Questyle Audio flagship headphones amplifier patent "Current Mode Amplication" technology, adopts all discrete circuit design, working in pure Class A status. Thus it can provide best sound required ultra-low distortion (0.00042%) and DC-600 (+0, -3dB) ultra-wide frequency. Plus the high quialty sound performance, CMA600i is capable to challenge world class Hi-end headphone amplifiers.

Full Balanced Output Design

CMA600i is equipped with 4-pin full balanced output, and dual 6.35mm standard headphone jack output. When the 4-pin full balanced output is working to drive a headphone, there are 4 groups of pure Class A amplification circuit output double voltage, and bringing quadruple power, so it can easily drive any high impedance headphones.

AKM AK4490 DAC Chip

CMA600i selects AKM AK4490 as DAC chip. Different from other DAC chip, CMA600i is specially designed with a +/-7V ultra high voltage power regulator to independently provide power for AK4490, ensure CMA600i with ultra large dynamics range.

CMA600i input supports PCM 44.1k-384k/1632bit signal, and True DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DoP (DSD over PCM)64, DoP128 converting. It also supports 192k/24bit Optical and SPDIF inputs.

Patent "True DSD Converting"

CMA600i inherits Questyle patent "True DSD converting" technology. CMA600i drives program directly processes DSD source code for PC, and CMA600i hardware provides special DSD channel to process the signal strictly under SACD standard. As MAC OS doesn't support True DSD converting yet, CMA600i is also designed to convert DoP signal.


Analog Output
Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA)
SPDIF input and output, USB Type B input 
SPDIF input and output, USB Type B input
Internal DAC output, or External RCA input, switchable
Output-Headphone Amp
Dual 6.35mm standard stereo jacks
USB PCM44.1k/16-32bit and DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 following standard SACD format


Digital Filter PCM Mode Fixed Filter
Digital Filter True DSD Mode No Filter


Frequency DC-100kHz(+0, -0.7 dB); DC-200kHz(+0, -1.7dB)
Gain 13.4dB (4.7 times)
Max Output Amplitude XLR: 8Vrms; RCA: 4Vrms
Max Output Power 220mW (8.1Vrms) @300ohm; 950mW (5.5Vrms) @32ohm
PC OS to Match USB Input Win XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 and MAC OS
Power Consumption 18W
Sensitivity 1.7Vrms
Signal SPDIF input and output: Standard PCM 44.1k-192k/16-24bit
SNR-DAC/Preamp RCA: >105dB; XLR: >121dB
SNR-Headphone Amp 113dB
THD+N-DAC/Preamp RCA: <0.00082%; XLR: <0.00064%
THD+N-Headphone Amp 0.00057%@1kHz, Po=100mW,300ohm; 0.0034%@1kHz, Po=50mW,32ohm
USB Supported Kernal Stream WASAPI, ASIO, KS
Voltage 100-120V or 220-230V Switchable


 Dimension  13"(W) x 11.8"(D) x 2.2"(H)