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Remastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio

200-gram pressing by Quality Record Pressings

Positive Feedback magazine Writer's Choice Awards for 2017!

"It's a sonic spectacular and while perhaps you are skeptical about this, it makes for damn entertaining listening. ... If your system is capable of wide dynamic swings and deep bass, you'll definitely enjoy cranking up this record! The original, cut by Doug Sax, ... is obviously no 'slouch,' but this Kevin Gray-mastered reissue is even better overall. The bottom remains solid and dynamic while the midrange is far more transparent, having lost a 'milky' quality that made it sound as if it had been recorded in an airplane hangar. ... if chamber is more your style and/or more suited to your system I'd recommend Sonatas For Violin and Piano (Analogue Productions APC-8722) performed by David Abel (violin) and Julie Steinberg (piano). Incidentally, Wilson's catalogue numbers begin with the release year, so this one was issued in 1987. These chamber music recordings were designed to create the sensation of the performers playing in your room as opposed to you being in a venue. ... The QRP pressings produce pitch black backgrounds with which the originals cannot begin to compete. Plus the music is sublime and/or bombastic!" — Michael Fremer, AnalogPlanet.com. Read the whole feature article here.

"Winds of War and Peace might be Kevin Gray's best remastering effort to date. That's saying something too given his impressive resume!

"I could never — despite Winds of War and Peace being long time resident of Harry Pearson's Super Disc List — work up any enthusiasm for the original LP release. The original album always had an amorphous and washed out quality. (And I bought several copies at the time just to check out the problem didn't lie with just the one copy.) Not with the Kevin Gray/Acoustic Sounds remastered version! If you like marching band like music a la the old Fennell Mercury classics-and even if you don't-this is a must have recording. While many will get easily hooked on the first cut Liberty Fanfare (and its massive bass drum whacks!), the adventurous will continue onto tracks like Commando Marches, El Camino Real and Symphonic Dances-No. 3. Me? I am waiting with baited breath for the soon to be released Acoustic Sounds 15 ips Ultra Tape release that promises to be an absolute blockbuster!" — Myles Astor, Senior Editor, Positive Feedback magazine

On Winds of War and Peace, conductor Lowell Graham takes the National Symphonic Winds ensemble through a program of stirring orchestrations and marches. "Liberty Fanfare" was composed for the centennial celebration of the Statue of Liberty in 1986. The fanfare set the stage for one of the most spectacular celebrations in America's history. Samuel Barber's "Commando March" composed in 1943, represents Barber's first band work. Written in a quadruple meter, this work utilizes the constant contrast of dotted and triplet rhythms. Roger Nixon's "Festival Fanfare March," was recognized for superb composition by the American Bandmasters Association in 1973. It is a work that's technical, bright in color and effervescent in spirit. The album also includes "Victory at Sea," "El Camino Real," "A Santa Cecilla" and "Symphonic Dance No. 3".

Graham, a native of Greeley, Colorado, has earned recognition as one of America's most talented young conductors. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with both his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees. He was also the first person to be awarded the Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Orchestral Conducting from the Catholic University of America.

Graham has led orchestras and bands on record and in performance throughout the world. He is the current conductor and commander of the United States Air Force Tactical Air Command Band.



1. Liberty Fanfare
2. Commando March
3. Festival Fanfare March
4. Victory as Sea (arr. R.R. Bennett for wind ensemble)
5. El Camino Real
6. A Santa Cecilia
7. Symphonic Dances – No.3 Fiesta

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