Stockholm Cathedral Choir - Now the Green Blade Riseth

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Cover art and liner notes included

The Stockholm Cathedral Choir and a children's choir sing hymns - old and modern - in a new way, arranged by Bengt Berg for organ, guitar, flute and bass. Simple, straightforward organ and guitar accompaniments carry the melody with clarity, while flutes sound playful under the church's vaulted ceiling.

A must for every audiophile:

For the 2xHD transfer of this recording, the original ¼”, 15 ips CCIR master tape was played on a modified TELEFUNKEN M15 tape recorder with SAKI head, using a hi-end tube preamplifier with OCC silver cables.  An analog transfer was done for each hi-res sampling and A & B comparisons were made with both the original LP, using the Kronos turntable, as well as with the best available CD, using the Nagra HD Dac and dCS Vivaldi DAC, throughout the process.

DSD was done using dCS 905 and dCS Vivaldi clock

2xHD Mastering by: René Laflamme
2xHD Executive Producer: André Perry

Det finns djup i Herrens godhet (There's a Wideness in God's Mercy)
Nar han kommer (When He Comes)
Det finns en vag till himmelen (There is a Road to Heaven)
Prisad hogt av herdars skara (Thou Whom Shepherds Worshipped)
Kornet har sin vila (Love Is Come Again)
Nar vi delar det brod (When we Share the Bread that He Gives us)
Gud ar en av oss vid detta bord (God and Man at Table are Sat Down)
Gud karlek ar som stranden (The Love of God is Broad like Beach and Meadow)
Maria, sa Judas (Said Judas to Mary) (arr. B. Berg): Maria, sa Judas (Said Judas to Mary)
Gud, nar du andas over var jord (God, when You Breathe)
Si, Jesus ar ett trostrikt namn (Your Name, o, Jesus, is a Comfort)
Sorgen och gladjen (Sorrow and Joy God Hand in Hand)
En dunkel ortagard (I Know of a Dark and Gloomy Garden)
Ga varsamt, min kristen (Walk Carefully, o, Christian)
O Jesu kar, vad har val du forbrutit (O, Jesus Mine, what Wrong Have You Done?)
Blott en dag, ett ogonblick i sander (Just One Day, One Moment at a TIme)
Min sjal, du maste nu glomma (My Soul, You Must Now Forget)
O Kriste, du som ljuset ar (O Christ, who art the Light and Day)
I hoppet sig min fralsta sjal fornojer (Hope Gives Rest to my Redeemed Soul)
Bred dina vida vingar (Spread Your Wings Over Me)

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